Product data

Fluids at a Glance:

We are at your service to provide further safety information and data needed to make a safe use of ExxonMobil Chemical fluids, Jayflex™ plasticizers, Exxal™ alcohols, ExxonMobil™ neo acids and higher olefins.

Product data is available upon request.
Please contact your ExxonMobil Chemical
sales representative

Here is an overview of the type of information and data available to you upon request:

Human health:

  • Toxicology study results and data;
  • Product Health Information Profiles (HIPs);
  • Occupational Exposure Limit (OEL) and Vapor Hazard Ratio (VHR) values.
Physical hazards:
  • Product physicochemical properties.
  • Environmental toxicology study results and data;
  • Product Environmental Profiles (PEPs).
  • Generic exposure scenarios (GES);
  • Product classification and labeling according to the main regulations;
  • Regulatory compliance statements related to the use of our products in certain applications.
Fact sheets:
  • Fact sheets that help clarify a number of topics such as OEL and VHR, flammability and static electricity, new fluids identification within REACH, etc.

Please contact your ExxonMobil Chemical sales representative for more information.

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