Turkey KKDIK

On June 23, 2017, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (MoEU) in Turkey published its REACH-like KKDIK regulation. The KKDIK regulation will come into force on December 23, 2017, requiring companies to register all substances manufactured in Turkey or imported into Turkey with volume above 1 ton/year before given deadlines:

  • December 31, 2020: pre-registration deadline;
  • December 31, 2023: Registration deadline.

Data required for registration is dependent upon volume:

  • Below one ton per year: no information
  • One to 1,000 tons per year: basic information
  • Above 1,000 tons per year: extensive information

All notifications were submitted by March 31, 2011 via an online database. For new substances manufactured or imported for the first time after March 31, 2011, the notification information must be submitted within 15 months from the date the substance was manufactured or imported for the first time.

Aspects similar to EU REACH:

  • Registrations will include information on the use of substance
  • Registrations may be done as pure substances or intermediates
  • Some exemptions will apply (e.g., natural occurring substances, waste, etc.)
  • A Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) and, if appropriate, a Chemical Safety Report (CSR) are required for hazardous substances produced or imported in quantities above 10 tons/year
  • Data will be shared in the MBDF system, similar to the Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) in the EU
  • Importers may rely on non-Turkish manufacturers or formulators to appoint an Only Representative (“OR”) based in Turkey
  • Once registration is completed, the SDS should have an annex containing exposure scenario information, if applicable

Differences with EU REACH:

  • No staged registration deadlines or pre-registration phase
  • Registration data will be sent electronically to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization (as opposed to an agency in the EU REACH)
  • All registration information should be in Turkish language

To see further similarities and differences between EU REACH, KKDIK and the chemical management programs in force in South Korea and Taiwan, click here.

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