Food contact regulations

Food contact regulations will apply in the event that ExxonMobil Chemical fluids, plasticizers and chemical intermediates are used in applications where the product can result in food contact. For fluids, such applications can include coatings, paints, metal working, polymer processing, printing and packaging. For plasticizers, they can include PVC packaging, conveyor belts or sealing gaskets.

Compliance with regulatory systems, guidelines and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) ensures that safe use of chemicals in food contact is preserved. Most of these systems rely on general safety requirements, positive and/or negative lists, extraction or migration criteria to control the level of transfer into food. Acceptable levels are usually derived from a combination of toxicological safety assessment and exposure estimates.

Determination of food contact material compliance should consider numerous factors, beginning with the composition, the food type intended to be contacted and conditions of use in relationship with applicable requirements. These systems may have a strong regulatory component (USA and EU), while others can be in the form of guidance (Japan), non-objection letters from authorities (Canada). Rapid regulatory developments are taking place, in particular in Asia.

Our fluid and plasticizer portfolio includes products that comply with GMP standards applied to food contact.