Waste and disposal regulations

Chemical products may present a danger to man and the environment if they are not disposed of properly. Surplus product or waste, resulting from production or transportation, should be disposed of, by following the instructions of the manufacturer. In addition, any contaminated packaging must be subject to similar considerations.

If the disposal of the substance or mixture (surplus or waste resulting from the foreseeable use) presents a hazard, a description of these residues and information on their safe handling will be given. Indications on the appropriate methods of disposal of both the substance or mixture and any contaminated packaging (incineration, recycling, landfilling, etc.) will also be provided.

Appropriate methods of waste treatment include for example:
  • recycling
  • incineration
  • landfilling
Regulatory disposal information
Waste treatment methods are governed in many cases by local and national legislation. Before disposal, a knowledgeable person should be consulted. Users should be aware of the regulations that apply in their local operational sites and should identify suitable experts for advice.