Safety data sheets

The online data base of ExxonMobil Chemical safety data sheets is accessible here.

ExxonMobil Chemical has a strong commitment to product safety. We are dedicated to minimizing adverse risks and impacts associated with the manufacture, use, and disposal of our products.

During the development of and prior to marketing our products, we assess safety, health, and environmental (SHE) aspects as well as compliance with product safety legislation, both where the products are made and in their intended markets. Rigorous assessments required by government authorities are conducted and updated as new information becomes available to assure the safety of our products.

Through safety data sheets (SDS), we provide this information to those who transport, use, and dispose of our products, including appropriate uses, potential health and environmental effects, personal protection and exposure controls, first aid measures, and disposal considerations.

SDSs are provided to our customers via an automatic system, the internet, or work procedures. The latest revision of the SDS should always be consulted. According to our policy, we will provide them with an SDS of any of our chemicals products even where this may not be required by law.

The GHS standard, organized in 16 sections, is the standard  in most areas:

  • In the EU, it was adopted by REACH.
  • In Asia Pacific, it is widely used.
  • In the US, the SDS format is being aligned with GHS recommendations as GHS is implemented.
Slight variations between countries in the format or content of an SDS may occur to accommodate specific local legal requirements, e.g. if a product is classified in  one country but not in another. A significant difference in the EU SDS lies in the fact that the EU SDS includes exposure scenarios. The EU SDS with an attached exposure scenario is typically referred to as an extended safety datasheet or ext-SDS:

The sections below lead you to a summmary of the information presented in each section of an SDS. More details are available in our User's Guide to Safety Data Sheets.