Section 11: Toxicological information

Information overview:
  • Acute toxicity hazards through inhalation, skin contact , eye contact, ingestion;
  • Sensitization;
  • Aspiration;
  • Germ cell mutagenicity;
  • Chronic toxicity/carcinogenicity;
  • Reproductive/developmental toxicity;
  • Specific target organ effects;
  • Other information.
This section is used primarily by medical professionals, occupation health and safety professionals, and toxicologists. It provides information on the health hazards of the material. If necessary, it also makes reference to specific health effects of certain components.
The information provided in this section provides a description of the possible health hazards of the product. The toxicological information also provides the basis for the advice found in “First- aid measures” (section 4), and “Exposure controls and personal protection” (section 8).

Reference may also be given to substances identified as carcinogens and identified on authoritative regulatory lists.  

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