Section 4: First aid measures

This section describes the initial care that can be given by an untrained responder without the use of sophisticated equipment. Instructions will state if medical attention is required and its urgency. The measures provided in this section are recommendations for immediate first aid treatment for the identified routes of exposure:
  • Inhalation: the breathing in of fumes, mists, vapours or dusts.
  • Dermal (skin contact), with two possible effects that may occur:
    • Local effects such as skin irritation arising from the direct action of the product at the point of first contact on the skin.
    • Systemic effects, i.e. damage caused to tissues due to the product penetrating the skin barrier and passing into the body.
  • Eye: this is normally confined to local eye effects such as irritation or burns, but there are a few substances which can be absorbed into the body through the eye and these may cause systemic toxic effects.
  • Ingestion: swallowing the product.
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