Exxal™ alcohols

Exxal™ alcohols are branched, primary alcohols. The product slate ranges from C8 to C13.
Our customers use Exxal™ alcohols to synthesize derivatives used in a wide number of applications.

Exxal™ alcohols have been tested for acute, sub-chronic, reproductive and developmental as well as chronic toxicity. They have not been tested for genotoxic potential, but as the monohydric alcohols are typically inactive in genotoxicity assays, the Exxal™ alcohols are not expected to be mutagenic.

Routes of exposure
  • Inhalation: Exposure to high vapor concentrations above the recommended work place exposure limit may cause irritation of the eyes and upper respiratory tract. In addition, central nervous system (CNS) depression may occur at high vapor exposure levels.
  • Skin and eye contact: Generally, Exxal™ alcohols are mild to moderate skin irritants but do not warrant classification and labeling on this basis. However, under conditions of prolonged (24 hr) and or repeated skin exposure, more severe dermal irritation can occur.
    Moderate to severe eye irritation has been observed for some Exxal™ alcohols. Strict precautions should be taken to prevent liquid material from entering the eyes when handling these substances.