ExxonMobil™ higher olefins

ExxonMobil™ higher olefins are raw materials for alcohols, plasticizers and neodecanoic acid produced by ExxonMobil Chemical. They are used to manufacture products used in lubricant oil additives, surfactants, agricultural chemicals, coatings and corrosion inhibitors. We market a range of higher olefins globally, e.g., nonene (C9) and propylene tetramer (C12).

Routes of exposure

Prolonged and repeated exposure to higher olefins can cause adverse effects. Aspiration into the lungs should be treated very seriously.
Inhalation exposure
Exposure to high vapor concentrations of higher olefins above recommended exposure guidelines can cause irritation of the eyes and upper respiratory tract. Exposure to very high vapor levels may cause reversible central nervous system (CNS) depression.
Skin and eye contact
These products are generally mild eye and skin irritants. However, prolonged and repeated exposure to these materials may cause skin irritation.
Ingestion and aspiration hazards
ExxonMobil™ higher olefins have a low degree of toxicity following ingestion. They are relatively insoluble and will pass through the gastrointestinal tract causing little more than stomach upset.
Aspiration of these products into the lungs may cause serious lung inflammation with the possibility of lung edema (an accumulation of fluid in the lung). Under normal circumstances, aspiration into the lungs is a very unlikely event. Should it happen, induction of vomiting following accidental ingestion is not recommended. Please seek medical support.